Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sam's 21st

It is so hard to believe that my tiny baby is now a 21yr old man! It is an old cliche but time really does fly....
We had a great time at the party and it is wonderful to realise that Sam has some really fantastic friends. Their speeches on the night were a highlight for me.
Sam had a good time and really enjoyed himself.
We have had a busy week at the store with fabric boxes arriving left, right and centre! Now we just have to find some space on the shelves. The new Moda range called OZ is so gorgeous, hmmmmm what to do with this one? We have two new flannel ranges which will be out in the next week or so... as soon as we make some room for them. Cute new lady bug fabrics are flying out the door, right along with the yummy fairy fabrics!
I am off to put the binding on two new samples, Thankyou Tricia for quilting them so fast! You really are a legend. Lucky there is still a little tennis to watch... Oh, but who to cheer for, I like both Federer and Murray so I guess I will be pleased no matter who wins tonight.
Happy stitching,
Liisa x

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Boris behaving Badly

I have not only discovered the joys of being a cat mama but also the pitfalls! I had carefully laid out a quilt top on the floor when Boris came flying through the door and scattered it to the four corners of the room. OK I thought, I should have thought of that.... So i carefully stacked my rows neatly,now they should stay put....Boris thought he may take a little bath on top of them....

But that was boring so he then found a new game called 'Flip' whereby he slipped a naughty paw under each pile and flipped it about causing his mama to flip out over the mess! I have a lot to learn....
But I did get the quilt  together and now I just have to clip all the seam allowances for my new Amy Butler version of a raggy quilt.Lucky I have my favourite raggy scissors at hand!

Off  to watch some tennis and snip away....
Liisa x

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Summer Newsletter is here

Hello Again,
I have finished the newsletter and it should now be in your inbox or post box. Have fun reading it and don't forget to reserve your place in our upcoming retreats.
I have also been having a huge clean up 'out the back' of the shop and I have found a few little gems for you. 

Rosalie Quinlan's BOM 'I Remember' a gorgeous quilt for any little or girl or little girl at heart!
We have 4 full sets available at $150 each.
We also have several kits of Nouveau Jardin BOM by Material Possessions. $180 each.
I have been busy sewing this month's strip club and making another sample for the shop. Our new BOM programmes for this year are also on the to do list so there really is no time to waste around here!
My son Sam's 21st party is now organised and we are counting down to that one at the end of the month.... I cannot believe  how quickly those years have flown by.Listening to him talking about his future plans for travel and career options etc makes me realise he really is not my little baby anymore, but a lovely young man with his whole future ahead of him, yes I am having a  soppy mummy moment look out!
Well I think I have rambled enough for one day, so take care and keep those needles threaded!
Cheers, Liisa

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2010! Wow, can you believe how fast 2009 flew by. I am keeping this post short cause I should really be writing a newsletter..... And planning my son's 21st at the end of the month... and my sister is coming to visit, so need to clean the house... and playing with my Christmas present 'Boris' the Siberian heart catching cat!....Oh no, I am a closet cat person...and I just want to finish off another new sample... where did Mark hide the sewing machine.... Tim wants another LAN party.... another night with a house full of teenage boys..... Where is the cat..... Where do you need a lift to Sam?.... And we ask why does the year fly by so fast!! LOL
I really need to get back to work!
Enjoy your holidays.....

Liisa xx