Sunday, June 26, 2011

James Byrne Centre Retreat Again!

Well I have finally recovered from my second retreat and I apologise for being slow to post about it. I hae heaps of pics of these productive ladies projects. Inspiring!

Phew, have you made it to the bottom? Well done, you really are a quilter, we all love show and tell don't we!
It was a very chilly weekend actually, but that is part of the Toowoomba appeal, we like to wear our winter gear at least once a year! :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Paris Traveller's Bag Class

What a lovely way to spend a Saturday, surrounded by 7 enthusiastic ladies all keen to create their own special travel bags. It was great to see them come into being and each one as different as their creators!
They are the perfect bags for going on retreat which is where we will be again this weekend! Yes, back to Highfields with our second group of retreatees! Yee Haa another weekend of stitching and chatting and eating and stitching and a little sleeping sometime too.....

I was so inspired I went home and made another one myself! 
Yes we will be running this class agin next term so watch out for the newsletter due out at the end of the month.
Have a great week,
Liisa xoxo

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bali Batiks are so YUMMY!

I did go ahead and make my Marble Cake Quilt in some gorgeous batik fabrics. I am really loving the great colours and patterns that are available. We will be adding some bundles of 10" squares to our range shortly, they will be layer cake equivalent (42 x 10" squares). We ran a class for this quilt last night and everyone had different fabrics and they looked fantastic!
 Now I am off to start another Paris Traveller Bag! I have a special person to give it to and I so love mine that I just have to make another! 
Have fun stitching on your long weekend!
Liisa xoxo