Monday, April 18, 2011

Max and Whiskers!

Our cute Max and Whiskers Fabric from Basic Grey by Moda    
 Does Boris really deserve this quilt? Well may you ask! I am hoping that he will love it so much he keeps off the other things I am working on. Yes I hear you, FAT CHANCE!
I have been busy with the  newsletter and making some new class samples and the poor machine has been working overtime. Today was lovely and rainy and perfect for sewing, so I put on the daggy tracksuit and set myself up for a day of sewing. @#**($# the machine decided it wanted a trip in the car to the sewing machine guru Martin at Bernina Chermside. It just died right in the middle of some free motion quilting! So not happy! I may not even have it back by Easter! Oh how will I cope.... Better bring home my old Janome from the shop! I probably won't be using it down there this week with our sale still continuing til Thursday.
Better go and tidy up my sewing table I guess. We will have  a house full of people next week as my baby turns 18 and we are having a party!
I hope you all have a very Happy Easter,
May the chocolate eggs be with you!
Liisa xoxo

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kitty Capers!

Boris has been very busy lately! It seems he wants to christen every single quilt I am making, he loves nothing more than messing up a beautifully laid out quilt top just before you are ready to piece it together! I had this topper above sitting on the table ready to put the binding on and he just had to have a Boris cuddle in it!

Then I had laid out our 'A Boys Story' quilt top and again he was quick to lay on it and just after I took this pic he messed it all up! He is going to be banned to the bedroom if he can't stop mucking up!
What is it with CATS and Quilts!
Liisa xoxo

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hello Birdie!

I made this funky Bird pillow for my son Tim. He has a quilt on his bed made from a range of fabrics called 'Nest', so his bed was just calling for a birdy to add some feathered style! The pattern is from 'The Red Thread' and is available here Hello Birdie Pillow I have seen a couple of others that people have sewn and they all look so cuddlicious! They are a good size and  BTW they make a perfectly useful pillow as well!
I have also received lots of beautiful fabrics in the past week and we have had fun trying to fit them all onto the shelves for you to see.
Here is a quick peak, I will upload them to the website this weekend.
Pom Pom de Paris Fabric from French General
Bliss Flannels by Valori Wells
These flannels have been in for a month or so but I just love the colours and we have a quilt made up in them too it is just sooo soft and cuddly.
Off to dream about quilts......
Liisa xoxo